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Paruresis – know your enemy

If you know your enemy, you can beat him. Paruresis is a common problem, many people suffer from it. Lawyers, models, bodybuilders, but also common people like me and you. Well, like you. I do not. So why am I writing about it? Because I have a friend, who did suffer from this condition.

Personally I think, Paruresis can be a mean thing. Standing there, bladder full – but no release. I think this is something, nobody deserves. I talked to a lot of paruretics. In some cases this condition turns a life into a prison. Some people even couldn't take a plane or catch a train or go to festivals etc.

But Paruresis is not your fate.
There are ways to cope with this burden.

The Guide and The Hypnosis

I am Alex. I have the talent to analyze problems and to find solutions. I really know the tricks your mind can play on you. I am no psychologist, nor have I any diploma.

One day I talked to my friend and he told me about Paruresis. I couldn't believe this thing could be such a pest. I mean, everybody has had his or her meet and greet with Paruresis in the course of their lives. Once in a while it doesn't flow. But not being able to pee in company with others on a regular basis? Actually suffering from it? Come on, you're kidding... But I listened and I did some research. Up to 7% of the population is suffering from Paruresis. 90% of them are men.

I started to analyze Paruresis. The thoughts, the subconscious mechanisms. How does it work? Why is it there? And – most important – how to overcome it.
Clearly, I have not found the holy grail. But I found a solution that has already worked for a lot of people.

It bases on two columns: The Guide and the Hypnosis.

paruresis e-book

The Paruresis Guide is an e-book, which contains the basic knowledge to understand Paruresis. It offers ways to deal with negative thoughts and doubts and delivers a step-by-step workout to get over Paruresis.
It contains everything I know about Paruresis. I think I did a good job in analyzing the details and reframing the Paruresis-Mindset which is responsible for the daily struggle with your bladder. You can find a lot of knowledge and exercises in my guide. Maybe it does not cure you, but it is definitely a big help on your journey, because knowledge is power. Moreover it offers a new perspective on your problem, which is worth a lot. You as a Paruretic are too caught up in your own world and in your own point of view. Concerning the act of peeing and toilets you do not think clearly. You can't anymore. You have a wrong perspective and wrong priorities. But what is right and what is wrong? I try to help you to find a way through the jungle of thoughts and doubts.

Click here to access the FREE excerpt of my ebook (right click and save as)

Reprogramming your mind

paruresis hypnosis

The second column is my hypnosis tape. Paruresis is the result of deep seated fears, emotions and experiences. They sit there in the dark of your subconscious mind and govern your life. They have to be left behind. You can do that in many ways. I chose hypnosis as an approach, because I think it is a fast and simple way. Of course, it is not for everyone. Some people do not like the thought of being led into a state of hypnosis. They do not want to lose control. Others can't be hypnotized.

But for others it works like a charm. My hypnosis is designed to give you back the relaxedness of a child when going to the toilet. If it works for you, you can feel great release.

I offer a hypnosis test:
Try out if you like. If you feel relaxed while listening and if you LIKE IT, you can give it a try. It is around 30 minutes long. Find a quite place where you can relax and nobody is disturbing you and listen to it. Take some time for it. Let go. The less you do the better it works.

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If you want deeper information on how hypnosis can work for you, take a look at my "Hypnosis Booklet". It explains the basic mechanisms in a way one can understand and might clear up some questions you might have about the combination of hypnosis and paruresis.

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I also offer a money back guarantee for both of my products. Try it and get your money back if you are not satisfied. I really only want your money, if it is what you expected. No risk, just fun ;-)

The Perfect Combination:
I think it is great to combine both products. The guide satisfies your conscious mind, the hypnosis helps to reprogram your subconscious mind without any effort from your side.

Alex Heinz

100% Money Back Guarantee

Now you have three methods to get started:

This is the right Option for you if:

You don’t want to deal with the problem logically and intellectually.
You don’t want to DO a lot.

You want to listen to so some relaxing piece of music once in a while and listen to my suggestions.

It is my simplest approach. Just listen to the hypnosis now and then. Don’t push it, just relax and lay back.


 The Paruresis Killer - Get Free from Shy Bladder the Easy Way
  • The Paruresis Killer - Hypnosis MP3 (56 min.)

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (50 days)

  • Personal Email-Support from me

  • Direct Download

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Only "PAYPAL  A HEINZ" appears on the bank statement.


This is pure old-school, this is the classic that has been doing a great job since the beginning of my work in 2007:

"The Ultimate Paruresis Guide is an excellent self help book that is easy to read and understand.
I highly recommend it to my patients who suffer from this condition."

Thomas Forest, MD, Urologist

The Ultimate Paruresis Guide - Makes your Shy Bladder Bold

My internationally known Ultimate Paruresis Guide is stuffed with all the necessary knowledge to understand and tackle Paruresis.

It is a precious resource of theoretical knowledge backed-up by tons of tips and strategies to recover from ShyBladder Syndrome. It contains various mental and physical exercises to condition your body and mind to function normally and to regain your ability to pee naturally and easily.

  • The Ultimate Paruresis Guide PDF (90 pages)
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (50 days)
  • Personal Email-Support from me
  • Direct Download

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Only "PAYPAL  A HEINZ" appears on the bank statement.

This package is the marriage of two thoroughly made products.


 The Paruresis Killer - Get Free from Shy Bladder the Easy Way
The Ultimate Paruresis Guide - Makes your Shy Bladder Bold

While my hypnosis focuses on simplicity and relaxation the book is food for the mind. We all know that it is sometimes hard to just let go and trust in the process of development. These hard times are exactly when “The Ultimate Paruresis Guide” comes into play: It is there to soothe your troubled mind and to keep your thoughts focused so that doubt has no chance to weaken your progress.
The information delivered in my Ultimate Guide helps you to keep you as relaxed and easy-minded as possible.
Understand this Guide as your motivational buddy on the road to success.

To cut a long story short:
For some people trust ain't enough - they need additional theoretical knowledge and deeper information in combination with the hypnosis to stay motivated. And this is exactly what you get if you decide to go for Option 3.

  • The Paruresis Killer - Hypnosis MP3 (56 min.)
  • The Ultimate Paruresis Guide PDF (90 pages)
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (50 days)
  • Personal Email-Support from me
  • Direct Download

For only  € 24.90     


Only "PAYPAL  A HEINZ" appears on the bank statement.


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