Since 2007  Paruresis Cure the Simple Way

Your brain humiliates you, makes you feel weak and puts you in extremely embarrassing situations and thinks it serves you well. And every time you fail urinating, it feels great, because it has effectively executed its job.

One day Paruresis sneaked up on you from behind and jumped on your back. From then on you have been carrying this burden while suffering day by day. While others just have a good time, meet friends, laugh, enjoy their live to the fullest and feel unburdened, you are stuck in your head, you feel depressed and isolated. Paruresis fiercely took away your freedom and your joy of living and subsequently gained control over your whole life and the decisions you make every day. Wherever you are and whatever you do - the dark cloud is always there and you can't escape its shadow.

How great would your life be, if you could pee easily and freely without any sorrow or fear of exposure and without even THINKING about it?

Your condition always seemed like a dark pit without the chance to escape. Of course, because despite all your efforts nothing has ever changed and your situation has not improved at all. You just didn't have the necessary information to succeed. But there is hope - I've stumbled upon something mind-blowing: A solution that is so easy and effective, that it's almost hilarious.

I've seen many people like you - believe me, you are not alone. You may think you are alone, but actually you aren't. My name is Alexander Heinz and I've been helping Paruretics since 2007 and I was constantly amazed how many people suffer from Shy Bladder Syndrome - among them so many you wouldn't expect to. There are doctors, bodybuilders, models and everything you can imagine.

The simple truth is: Without my knowledge of how your brain works you've never had any chance to break free from your daily struggle with the toilet.

But if you apply the easiest method on earth, that is almost too simple to grasp, you can beat your brain at its own game with no effort from your side. This cure is so simple that even I am astonished that it works so well. Although I see success daily, I am still fascinated by this groundbreaking method.

With the aid of my method countless people around the world have regained their innate ability to urinate naturally and smoothly like children. They send me „Thank-You E-Mails“ on a regular basis, because their life turned out to be so beautiful and great without the daily shame and the constant fear of exposure.

And if everybody else can reclaim their freedom, why not you?

It really doesn't matter from where you are, how old you are or whether you are male or female.

In fact, because with my method you don't have to do anything at all, the only thing that matters is the decision to make a change TODAY.

Paruresis is not your fault at all. You are the innocent victim of an automatic survival-mechanism hard-wired into your brain. Your brain is a very effective and straightforward machine. It consists of hundreds of billions of nerve cells and is the miraculous result of millions of years of evolution. From the beginning of life to the present day the mission has been survival. And your brain literally does everything to keep you alive - even if you have to suffer. That's what brains do. That's simple biology.

And because the brain's functioning is so simple, you can easily trick it into helping you instead of sabotaging your life.

It is a scientifically proven fact that your mind consists of two important elements: The conscious and the subconscious mind. Both of them execute different tasks and are the essential factors in determining who you are and how you react to your environment.
Your conscious mind helps you to read, to understand, to speak, to think. In short it is the part, where you look at the facts and think.

BUT your subconscious mind is responsible for your emotions and beliefs. Your whole personality, all your fears and hopes and everything that's YOU are part of the subconscious mind. Even Paruresis is hard-wired into the subconscious and your brain understands it as an essential part of your personality.

You have to understand, that the number one everlasting top-priority of your subconscious is to keep you alive. Everything it does, it does to keep YOU alive.

It’s almost too simple to grasp:

Given the fact that you are reading this paragraph, I assume YOU are pretty much alive and because of that your subconscious mind believes it has succeeded! Deep down in the dark of your subconscious the brain is happy. It's not important if you are not able to urinate freely and naturally as long as you are alive.

Every attempt to change a part of the complex structure called “YOU” is interpreted as a HIGH RISK for your survival.

Your subconscious thinks that shy bladder served keeping you alive. The attempt to get rid of it triggers the INTUITIVE SUBCONSCIOUS ALARM BELLS and it will hinder you to change.

In this very moment your subconscious beliefs and programming are like a mad king that controls your life and takes away everything you have. If you argue, you lose. If you try to convince, you lose. If you try to change, you lose.
Your current reality is in opposition to your conscious desires, so you feel weak, powerless and maybe even like a failure. You feel disconnected from your friends and family and pass up countless opportunities to have a beautiful time with your loved ones. And you know that these moments are lost forever, if you don't embrace them whenever you can.

But as I said: Success is only a matter of the right method. Although the gate to your subconscious mind is normally locked and you cannot enter via your logic mind, with my method you can trick the guard, open the gate and easily change your subconscious mind, so that it allows you to pee again. It's easy as pie.

The realm of the subconscious mind looks like a big warehouse with thousands and thousands of boxes in all sizes ranging from tiny to humongous and within every single box there is an emotion, a behaviour or a belief. Once you bypassed the guardian, the only thing left to do is to walk up to the right box and change what's in there.
It cannot get any easier, because it's not even you, who has to do all the work - IT'S ME! I DO IT FOR YOU!
I'd really love to do it right now! It's so simple, that it's almost hilarious.

Hypnosis is the easiest and cheapest way to leave all your past and future humiliation, shame and pain behind. You don't have to be afraid, feel embarrassed or ashamed anymore. It can all be over today.
It is so simple that it almost hurts. You put on the speaker, you lay back and without any effort from your side the guardian readily opens the door to your subconscious mind and finally you find salvation. This is exactly what you have been dreaming of for years! And now it's in front of. All that's left to do is to grab a copy RIGHT NOW.

Hypnosis is the most incredibly powerful method to quickly achieve permanent change. I want you to fully grasp the simple elegance of my system:

You lie down.
You listen to me.
You relax.
You change.
You're cured.

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Even to me that sounds too good to be true. If the solution is so easy, why do people make it complicated?

Frankly, I don't know. Maybe they want to sell you therapy for thousands of dollars or complicated systems that confuse you with their various techniques and fancy names and whatever.

Frankly, I don't care. I promise - I deliver. It's simple, it works and you don't even have to think. There's nothing more to say. These facts speak for themselves.

Hypnosis really is amazing. In all the years I spent studying the human psychology I have never come across anything comparable. I have seen dyslexics recover within 10 minutes, I have seen deep-seated fears vanish like ice cubes in the desert heat. All over the world millions and millions of people trust the transforming forces of guided hypnosis and see results every day.
You can easily become one of the radiant and happy individuals who have taken control over their subconscious mind and transformed their ordinary life into something better: into their dream of freedom and joy.

If I can cure performance anxiety, claustrophobia, low self-esteem, erectile dysfunction and panic attacks, if I can increase concentration and relaxation, if I can boost the immune system and crash all sorts of anxiety disorders - there is no doubt that my product can fix your problem easily!

Hypnosis is a tremendous tool that helps you to rewrite your subconscious mind without any conscious effort or pain. With my simple technique you can get rid of Shy Bladder Syndrome within the blink of an eye.
This successful system proves that the old saying “No pain no gain” is nothing but a lie.

Thank you for reading on to this section, because this way you finally give me the opportunity to talk about my product's downside:
After hearing me boast about the advantages of my method you have to understand that hypnosis is indeed a really powerful tool with the potential to cure you within 60 minutes. I've seen this more than enough times.

But just as you are reading this, there is an expectation rising inside of you: You want to be cured. You want it now. This pressure is again a cunning trick your brain plays on you: The more you push, the less you get.
Hypnosis needs a more laid-back-approach.

There are people who leave their Paruresis behind in one session, others need fife and others need fifteen. But the really wonderful thing is:

It doesn't matter how long it takes, because it's a scientifically proven fact, that everybody can be hypnotized. The immunity to hypnosis is a myth.
If you open yourself up and if you relax and take your time, success with my method is as certain as the sunrise.

Neuropsychologists have discovered the 2 key rules of successful hypnosis:

1. The less you do to be hypnotized, the better it works.
2. The less you expect, the more you get.

I told you that there is nothing to do for you. I DO IT.
You don't have to think and you don't have to make any effort at all. The only effort is to make no effort. It's incredibly simple and works like magic!

So, how should you use my recording to get the incredible results we both want? I know your mind tells you to act, act, act... You want to listen to it ten days in a row, maybe even twice every other day. But that is wrong, don't do it!
An old saying goes “haste makes waste” and that is absolutely true for hypnosis. Take your time, don't do it every day. Don't think too much about it. Allow at least 4-5 days off between your sessions. Always remember: The less you think about it and the less you expect, the greater the results!

This reminds me of Richard, one of my first clients.
Please read his success-story about the importance of the 2 key rules. It's quite a good example for something I call “overpacing” - Richard wanted too much too fast and failed again and again, but eventually he let go and got the results - like I promised and neuroscience proves.


Before I stumbled upon your hypnosis my life was basically a mess. I mean with a Shy Bladder there ain't a lot of fun. Whenever I left my safe place I started to worry. My whole life revolved around finding a place to urinate. Today I can't even understand why I made such a big deal out of it, but back then it was a big issue. I was soooo embarrassed and full of fear, that somebody could find out. It basically ruined my social life... I was in a dark place back then.
One day I found your page and decided to give it try. It really convinced me - You know, it was kind of my last hope... After reading all your claims I had a lot of expectations before my first session. I was sooo excited and nervous...I could already feel how wonderful my life would be afterwards. There was so much hope!

I listened to it and... I was disappointed as $%&!?§. After all you promised to cure my ShyBladder and now I didn't feel ANYTHING at all. I was friggin' mad.
I was so mad and desperate, I didn't even want my money back. I wanted the promised result instead! You now, like a baby that goes “But daddy, you promised.”

All the fear, all the shame, all the inability to pee was still there. Only out of desperation I gave it another try. And another one. I wanted it so bad...I think too bad...I mean I was like a pitbull with locked jaws... I tried it every day... I was constantly thinking about my next session and the desired results... after a lot more futile attempts my frustration and anger finally won and I abandoned this method in search of other relief...which I didn't find of course... Some months later I saw a documentary on hypnosis on TV. Once again I was fascinated by all the things hypnosis can do and this convinced me to start using your tape again.
I mean, after all I decided to buy it and in some way I had to trust the method. I became calmer and more relaxed in my mind. I had suffered for 15 years and now I started weeping about some extra time? My anger and frustration began to fade and I kind of let go. Sometimes I took 2 weeks off, sometimes I listened to it every day. But I didn't strain. And you know what? I think that was the key to success. Somehow I just trusted in the method and didn't care what was happening during the hypnosis.
After a few more sessions I finally noticed how drowsy and relaxed I felt. A little piece of success after all.
My experience constantly improved until I fell asleep a few sessions later. I had no memories at all when I woke up. I didn't know what it meant and just went on with my daily routine.

Some days later I did my Christmas Shopping at the mall. I was feeling really calm inside. That was definitely something new...I always started to worry about going the toilet when I left my apartment. But that day I was so relaxed...”What if I have to pee?”....I didn't care about that question anymore!
When the moment arrived, I entered the toilet fearlessly and felt cool like some cowboy at high noon. I walked in and went directly for the urinal. I positioned myself between two really big dudes and relieved myself like it was the most natural thing on earth. It was more than just mind-blowing. I don't know where all that courage came from. It was more than a feeling. It was total certainty. It was insane!

I felt happy and refreshed...and ten tons lighter. I really felt that my shy bladder had left me. It is difficult to describe this feeling of intense relief...I think you have to experience it yourself to understand it.

  • perfectly be able to empty your bladder whenever and wherever you feel the need to urinate.
  • not care how many people are around you. 
  • perceive it as totally normal to urinate whenever and wherever you feel the need - be it at a crowded urinal or in a cubicle.
  • naturally relax your body and pee effortlessly, easily and naturally like a waterfall.
  • leave all your past trouble, pain, humiliation and fear behind forever - without doing anything at all.
  • leave any fear of being accompanied to the toilet behind - never again be afraid and full of worries that your buddies will accompany you to the toilet. Be normal like everyone around you!
  • leave any worries and thoughts about such a natural act far behind.
  • be able to urinate smoothly and easily even if you are among a big crowd - stop having excuses why you can’t go with your friends to certain events or places, because of your fear of being exposed and humiliated.
  • stop seeing other people as obstacles when it comes to passing water.
  • have the ability to urinate under all circumstances, whenever and wherever you have to - Just imagine how awesomely free you feel when that weight is lifted off your shoulder.
  • be able to urinate as nature intends you to - fast and smoothly.
  • don’t care when others hear or see you while peeing - there is no inhibition there is no problem: You just urinate. You are completely relaxed and you work like a sprinkler.
  • never overthink such an easy task again - You will never waste your time with negative thoughts again.
    just go to the toilet and come back - You don't think about it anymore.
  • always be completely smooth and relaxed in a toilet room and know you can urinate without any problem.
  • feel good, whenever you have to urinate. Your thoughts won't ever revolve around urinating again. It will all be just relaxation and relief.
  • know, whatever you do in a toilet, it doesn't matter what the others think. You are free.
    have all the time you need, all the time to let go.
  • Have an easy mind and concentrate on greater tasks than urinating.
  • No matter when, no matter where, no matter how many people there are, no matter how loud it is, no matter what's up around you - Whenever you have to pee, you are perfectly able to do so. 



After my hypnosis this is a reality for your:

Whenever you have to pee, you are perfectly able to do so

  • No matter when 
  • No matter where 
  • No matter how many people there are 
  • No matter how loud it is 
  • No matter what's up around you 

In every possible situation you are going to be able to pee naturally and easily - just like every normal person. You don't think about going to the toilet anymore. You just do it, when you have to. Nothing more, nothing less.

This highly effective hypnosis is a top notch product based on the latest psychological studies and the scientifically proven core principles of successful trance induction. This makes it so hilariously easy that there is no word for it. As an absolute braindead simple approach this method demands nothing more than your ability to lie down and do nothing.

It doesn't get any easier, because there is no simpler approach out there. I mean, ask yourself now, what could possibly be more comfortable than lying down and listening to a sound-file that does all the work for you.
This method is so basic and effective that any other approach is just over-technical and complicated.

Why should you do all the work yourself if I can do it for you?
Why should you even think about it, although it is not necessary at all?

Order a copy now and get hold of the most effective and simplest method ever created to cure your ShyBladder Syndrome within no time.

  • Save time.
  • Save money.
  • Keep it simple and effective.
  • Make no excuses and start to succeed NOW.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

So you see, you have absolutely no risk in trying my method and conquer Paruresis or Shy Bladder once and for all.

This is the right Option for you if:

You don’t want to deal with the problem logically and intellectually.
You don’t want to do any exercises.
You don’t want to make any real effort to overcome it.

You want to listen to so some relaxing piece of music once in a while and let me do the work for you.

That is the simplest approach available. Just listen to the hypnosis now and then. Don’t push it, just relax and lay back. Know that the Trance is transforming (trance-forming) your present fears and inabilities into healthy natural behaviour.

Eventually Hypnosis always wins, so you can already start focusing on other things in your life


 The Paruresis Killer - Get Free from Shy Bladder the Easy Way
  • The Paruresis Killer - Hypnosis MP3 (56 min.)

  • BONUS: Hypnosis Booklet
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (50 days)

  • Personal Email-Support from me (lifetime)

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This is pure old-school, this is the classic that has been doing a great job since the beginning of my work in 2007:

"The Ultimate Paruresis Guide is an excellent self help book that is easy to read and understand.
I highly recommend it to my patients who suffer from this condition."

Thomas Forest, MD, Urologist

For more Information on the Paruresis Guide click here...

The Ultimate Paruresis Guide - Makes your Shy Bladder Bold

My internationally known Ultimate Paruresis Guide is stuffed with all the necessary knowledge to understand and aggresively tackle Paruresis.

It is the ultimate resource of theoretical knowledge backed-up by tons of tips and strategies to recover from ShyBladder Syndrome fast. It contains highly effective mental and physical exercises to condition your body and mind to function normally and to regain your ability to pee naturally and easily.

  • The Ultimate Paruresis Guide PDF (90 pages)
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (50 days)
  • Personal Email-Support from me (lifetime)
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This package is the ultimate marriage of two fabulous products each one individually aiming at success like a sniper. Imagine King Kong and Godzilla joining forces to crush your Paruresis.


 The Paruresis Killer - Get Free from Shy Bladder the Easy Way
The Ultimate Paruresis Guide - Makes your Shy Bladder Bold

While my hypnosis focuses on simplicity and relaxation the book is food for the mind. We all know that it is sometimes hard to just let go and trust in the process of development. These hard times are exactly when “The Ultimate Paruresis Guide” comes into play: It is there to soothe your troubled mind and to keep your thoughts focused so that doubt has no chance to weaken your progress.
The information delivered in my Ultimate Guide helps you to keep you as relaxed and easy-minded as possible.
Understand this Guide as your motivational buddy on the road to success.

To cut a long story short:
For some people trust ain't enough - they need additional theoretical knowledge and deeper information in combination with the hypnosis to stay motivated. And this is exactly what you get if you decide to go for Option 3.

  • The Paruresis Killer - Hypnosis MP3 (56 min.)
  • The Ultimate Paruresis Guide PDF (90 pages)
  • BONUS: Hypnosis Booklet
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (50 days)
  • Personal Email-Support from me (lifetime)
  • Direct Download

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Only "PAYPAL  A HEINZ" appears on the bank statement.


Guaranteed success without doing anything at all - that's what I stand for,


P.S. Don't wait any longer. No matter where you search you won't find anything easier or simpler. I guarantee that! Every hour of delay is an hour more full of pain, fear and possible humiliation. Purchase now and find freedom and peace. Make today the first day of the wonderful rest of your life.
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P.P.S. There is absolutely no risk for you. If you don't succeed in 50 days or if you don't like my product you will immediately get your money back. No questions asked. No hassles. No fees.

P.P.P.S. I offer a lifetime of free high-quality E-Mail-Support for this product. Whenever you have a question, just write an E-Mail and I guarantee to answer within 24 hours.